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    When she returned, the cop dealing with her situation had figured out that the emails were sent from her computer. Regardless, the relationship was considered extremely taboo. She was a trophy wife for a businessman ages ago, but found her year old boy-toy on Instagram. An organisational conduct report from KU shows the cheer team were put on probation for a year in September She resigned and Fletcher and a couple of members of his unit were suspended from the National Guard in the wake of this scandal. She coached a high school team in South Carolina and when he showed up to a recruiting event at the school, National Guard Sgt First Class Thomas Fletcher and herself started an interesting relationship.

    The other cheerleader involved was Renee no last name givena student when not on the field. Lauren Beard came to police back in March with threatening emails that seemed to amount to a stalking case. She has also been on some high profile commercials, music videos and Dancing With the Stars. This shouldn't be news, but not everyone knows, call me Captain Obvious if you must. It was and when asked she explained that she had no problem being in the spotlight and while she had some reservations before her first scene, she eventually found the entire experience to be liberating and fun. She has been found to suffer from multiple personalities disorder, but managed to join a cheerleading squad back in the early s and attended two pep rallies before being found out as a hermaphrodite in her 20s.

    Afterwards, the girls were separated into groups again.

    Nake American cheerlader

    Okay, it isn't that scandalous, but still, she's pretty hot, so just enjoy that. This may not be the most shocking or sexy of cheerleader-related scandals, but it sure is the dumbest. She was investigated by the school due to the fact that she wore her ASU cheerleader outfit in a scene in

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