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    The "conjugal partnership of leaden boredom, known as 'domestic bliss'," Engels tells us, has yet another result: The imperialists have reduced to a trickle the financial aid previously granted as a sop to many countries during the Cold War against the USSR. The leader of the Russian Revolution, V. This from a man whose attorney general is an open admirer of the slave-owning American Confederacy!

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    On May 1, ten countries of economically devastated East Europe joined the EU with its supposed "open" borders, and the governments of West Europe have reacted with an anti-immigrant panic. Whether it's renting a prostitute by the hour or a wife by the lifetime, the family and the oppression of women are founded on private property, and the religious codes of morality and capitalist law are all that distinguish the wife from the prostitute in this fundamental sense. Many endure degrading strip searches; some have been compelled to offer proof that they are not pregnant as a condition of employment. On the sexual level, she compensates for the hangups and fears that can keep especially women from enjoying sex.

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    Racist reformers indignantly warned "respectable" Coventy to enter marrked "dangerous" Chinese laundries only with an escort, lest they be ensnared in a Chinese brothel James A. Of course the reform movement went after them first. They joined forces with anti-abortion bigot Congressman Chris Smith, a sponsor of the bill, and the International Justice Mission, a group of Christian missionaries that launches raids on Asian brothels to "liberate" the prostitutes, while the Dateline NBC cameras roll. It now applies to male "victims" as well, and it has been used to crack down on gay prostitutes in Washington, D.

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