• Ford escort manual transmission speed sensor removal

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    2002 Ford Focus Speed Sensor

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    The VSS maybe be different on your car, but probably not much. I went out of my way to only buy Escorts that didnt run anymore, usually due to worn out transmissions. I hoist the engine and transmission out of the car as a unit so I sped fix things that would otherwise be hard to reach. I find there is almost always transmisslon engine work that needs to be done on a car that is over 20 years old with way over thanmiles on it, and other work in the empty engine bay. Getting the VSS out with the transmission on my workbench usually soaks up some time, but is at least feasible rather than discouraging. The 94LX I did with the driveline in the car, involved lying under the car on successive evenings, using a set of cheap Chinese wood chisels with the plastic handles removed.

    This allowed me room to swing a hammer against the back of the metal part of the chisel, trying to drive it under the very small lip on the part of the VSS sticking out of the case. I also had the catalytic converter removed in order to have more access room. It involved working 'blind' and holding the chisel horizontally, to fit into and under that lip on the VSS. This eventually worked - but was discouraging for a few hours.

    Sensor manual speed removal Ford transmission escort

    One or two of our members managed to get their stuck VSS out by working from above; by drilling the guts out of the VSS, then putting in a thread cutting tap, and 'threading' the hole in the VSS where the speedometer drive had been drilled out. Then by putting a bolt into the threaded hole, they had something stronger than the original plastic top of the VSS to grab with pliers or a slide hammer. I dont know whether it was the stronger attachment of the steel bolt threaded into the aluminum body of the VSS that made the difference, or if it was the effect of drilling out the center of the VSS and the force of the tap cutting threads into the resulting hole that helped. Slide under the vehicle and locate the speed sensor.

    It continental beautiful 'blind' and private the name horizontally, to fit into and under that lip on the VSS. Allies you will go. Its in use as one of my easy drivers now.

    On a Ford transmission, the sensor is located on the driver side of the transmission, toward manuap rear of the sebsor. The sensor is a magnetic unit that screws into the transmission and has an electrical connector plugged into it. Refer to your owner's manual, if needed. Remove the electrical connector. Depress the release tabs on the sides of the connector and pull the connector away from the sensor. The sensor can now be removed. Twist and loosen the sensor from the transmission with a wrench. Remove the sensor by pulling it straight out of the transmission. Install the new speed sensor.

    Place the sensor into the appropriate spot on the transmission. Secure the sensor by twisting it clockwise with the wrench until the sensor cannot be twisted any more. Plug the electrical connector into the new sensor until it clicks into place.

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