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    To us, we didn't really have a partner for it. We never rushed, collectively 'we are grindcore.

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    If people are suffering because of X, Y, Z, that's the daing important thing, the politics on top of it aren't relevant until you help the situation with those people down there. Of course, you're not. We didn't want to go down there if we were playing places or with promoters that may have been connected to the apartheid system. You can listen to the entire chat below.

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    When I daying the band, I thought, 'You know what? At the time, apartheid was just kind of finishing, the apartheid system. That's not right, to me. Hopefully we've raised quite a bit of awareness that people wouldn't necessarily think about. So, it was a different kind of thing. This special collection includes a total of 31 songs with a playing time of over 90 minutes, compiling rarities and exclusive earworms spanning When we were asked to do it, we were pretty surprised, to say the least. I think we've also put the thing out there that we've also broken a myth that to play extreme music you have to be really spiteful, like kind of macho a little bit.

    I guess the important thing to say is, first of all, everybody on the tour's been really nice to us.

    We're the most noisy kind of extreme, if you want to call it that. I never set out to accomplish X record sales, I never set out to accomplish, I don't know what else, like 'this award' in a magazine. What are you going to do?

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