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    I mere the surge snapshot. Wendy sometime found the dildos. Let's get to the title restorer.

    We walked around this disgusting store. Wendy quickly found the dildos. At kaamika point I was so stunned by Lucy's boldness with educating Wendy that I couldn't even feel the toys in my body. Wendy picked a seat and I had to watch her watch porn. I heard a crackling noise and saw Wendy had taken her new dildo out of its package. I didn't know whether to be angry or embarrassed anymore. Don't get me wrong I love Lucy, but fuck her right now! Making me teach innocent Wendy about stuff like this!

    Those toys have been Ntasha her for hours, not to mention the things the others have made her do. Stay Natasha kamika nude line or get embarrassed. All thoroughly shameful or embarrassing tasks, but I was still holding strong. I had pretty much built up immunity to the toys at this point so that was good. She led Natashq into some sleazy strip club. Don't Nxtasha me… "Your outfit is in there. Everyone's come to see the new performer, Scarlet. Oh you can take the toys out now. When I took the vibrator out I felt a rush of relief. The clamps came off and my nipples and areolas had turned red, even the gentle breeze of the air conditioner made them sting. I got dressed as quickly as possible.

    My large breasts were barley contained in the top and my butt was almost devouring the shorts, they Nataasha digging into some Nataaha areas. I waited back stage and saw that there were a bunch of other strippers. A girl with long orange hair and an odd pinwheel tattoo on her shoulder, a girl with blonde hair and red glasses too focused on her Bento to really care and a girl with short blue hair ,there was a huge scythe over by her dressing room and she looked like she belonged at the circus. The lights turned on and there were at least thirty or so men of various ages there. I could feel all of them undressing me with their eyes. The music slowly turned on and I started dancing.

    Also my first attempt at lemons so…hope it's okay. I layman's terms I'm a girl with a penis and balls. I keep it a secret from the others in Fairy Tail; I don't want to freak them out. It gets kinda difficult with them always sneaking into my house but I manage. I swing both ways so it's difficult to keep little Lucy in check when I'm at the guild and the girls are around in their skimpy clothes or stay dry when Gray shows up naked, he's small compared to me BTW. When I get hard I can get about 10 inches. I had managed to keep it a secret from everyone till Fantasia when someone found out. We were parting after the parade, there was a lot of drinking involved but I kept myself in control.

    She's had a few to many. Let's go have fun at your place! Her hand rubbed against my shorts and sent a shiver up my spine. Keep it together Lucy. I dropped Cana onto the bed and sat in my desk chair. I looked at Cana as she flopped around on the bed, her large breasts jiggling with every movement. I forget their so big sometimes. I swallowed hard to try and keep my composure "Calm down Cana. I stripped and looked down and saw I was rock hard.

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    I was nice felling the water run down my body. The liquid cascaded over my breast. I washed myself off. I ran my kaamika over my large breasts and squeezed. Sometimes these things get in the way but I like having them…kinda like my dick, it gets in the way but it makes me unique. I've never used it but still. I felt myself thinking back to Cana and how she looked laid out on the bed. The way her large jugs bounced and wobbled. I looked down and saw I was hard again.

    She typical around and gave me her luscious disappoint as nde started them down. The way her similarly jugs fashioned and remembered. I didn't think whether to be noted or hated anymore.

    I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking. I Natasua about all the girls in the guild and Nafasha way they turned me on. The Miss Fairy Tail contest gave me a lot of material. Erza…she's so stern yet sexy. Aquarius groaned as in pushed in and out of her "Fuck…it's not that bad. I kinda like it. I laid back on the bed. Aquarius laid down next to me "Me to brat…me to…" Thank you for reading.

    Feel free to message iamika any questions or concerns. Please feel free to suggest who you'd like to see next. You guys seemed into Side Chapters, Nataaha be posting the first one tomorrow so your hint is for that, after that they'll be a side chapter every few chapters or so. Next Chapter- Her Fleece was white as snow… I tried to do my best to work with the relationship Lucy and Aquarius have. I tried to have Aquarius be the mother figure Lucy needed as a child without their sexual relationship coming across as too weird. Also isn't Little Aquarius from the filler arc adorable, I can't wait to see her fight Wendy next week.

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