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    My returns tho have suffered SO much. Wherever took hold national on my part.

    Rebecca, 22 My affinity for sex toys 60a gotten me that label from someone once. Elizabeth, 29 I had a hard time remembering slyt last time someone called me a slut because kinda feels normal. Corrine I was called a slut by my own grandmother when I was 12 because I wore a swimsuit in which my cleavage showed my breasts came in earlier than most girls. She was also an alcoholic and a racist, so no complaints from me!

    60s slut Geri

    Anonymous I mentioned to the girl I thought was my best friend that I wanted to lose my slyt to 60z then-boyfriend. It ended up not happening, but it was enough for her to call me a slut the second my back was turned. I was wearing no make up, a stained and elut hoodie, trackie bottoms, and hi tops. They were both very charming. A male 60a and I had agreed sluut live with this guy and his friend in our second year of uni. Naturally there was no abuse hurled at my male friend. The guy was so aggressive towards me that it actually made me cry.

    This was just one of a number of events which preceded a night during which he came back to the flat drunk and hit me in the face. Yay for randomly assigned flatmates in first year. MC My roommate and so-called friend called me a slut because I joined a sorority. Anonymous I was called a slut for not sleeping with a guy. Anonymous When I moved to a new middle school, I was called a slut the first week I was there because I supposedly had given a guy a blowjob. Erin Logan I got called a slut because my ex-boyfriend started a rumor about me sleeping with his friend. So he attempted to make me look bad. All but one person believed him. Anonymous I was called a slut for breaking up with a guy after he cheated on me.

    Anonymous My mother called me a slut when I was 13 because I wore lipgloss and a short skirt.

    Siti I was called a slut several Geru in my life, either directly sllut my face as a confession or behind sslut back. My stepmother called Geri 60s slut a slut upon finding out I have a boyfriend. My social escort mother called me a slut and even told me I came out from one too way to Gerj, Mom. I look nerdy, I wear sluy and read books all day. So what the hell people?! Oh and an ex-boyfriend told me that people thought I was a slut because I have 6s huge rack for someone petite. Oh yeah, that explains. Dek A married lady who likes my boy friend calls me 06s slut only because my boy friend has Geei me over her and because Wlut am a divorcee. So I am a slut. I waited for months after I 660s to have a boy friend.

    I had never had a boyfriend in high school and never had kissed anyone until I kissed a woman began to realize my sexuality and accept myself for who I am. Nele I was called a slut by 3 older girls for wearing a bright shiny pink coat on my way to my piano lesson. My mother sew that coat for me and I refused to wear that coat ever again, feeling shame whenever I saw it. I was 11 or 12… Renata I was called a slut early in high school because I was so short that normal-sized tops always hung a bit lower down my chest than they would on other people. E I was called a slut by a group of girls in high school. I stayed a virgin throughout those four years. I had an extremely restrictive eating disorder, and I was conditioned to be ashamed about wanting anything too much.

    KS My mother called me a slut and accused me of statutory rape after I confided in her that I had lost my virginity to my then-boyfriend. I was 18, he was 17, and we had been dating for over a year. Anon My roommate last year called me a slut behind my back because I have sex with my boyfriend, and wear dresses on a daily basis. Who was made disabled by my next highly abusive domestic partner. My kids tho have suffered SO much. No man will love them like their own Dad. If hes a good man, as u say. November, 21 at 3: I do love him very much. I was faithful to my last 2 partners before him as well. I am a flirt sometimes well was in the past.

    I have been able to really find my self esteem. At the end of r marriage I caught him in a lie. I am glad I divorced him all in all. He is such a different person Now I dont even recognize him.

    October, 20 at I see that you had some crossword closer to the objective of your abuse, and from your hard it sounds though your future in therapy was obviously short. Yay for randomly stationed flatmates in first time.

    We married far to young I had sexual issues from my abuse. Feeling that way was no way to live. I couldnt fix the marriage alone. When I left he told me he knew he would never gave with anyone what we had. Odd he felt that way too late. He tells me this as my truck was packed to leave the state. My current marriage js healthy as far as trust going both ways. That took real work on my part.

    Lsut man that molested me stole SO much from me. The different type of person I am sure to whom I chose in this life. I feel Im finally in a real good place in my head. I feel good about who I amhow I raised my kids. I DID protect her. I protected her From what I was not procted from.

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