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    The rare packed all of them in houseqife disobeys and put them into a night, we returned the bill and writer the mall to make back mostly. Sex was wounded but very important.

    I could notice that he was delighted Erotjc the thought of me wearing it and posing for him. I actually forgot to mention, Vivek was housswife interested in photography. So, I was sure he had some naughty things in mind once we get back home! Next came the bra. Well, not exactly a bra, Vivek thought Storg had enough of sttory. So what he wanted to buy were pasties google it for images. Housewjfe they were these really tiny bits of fabric that would cover just my tits housewifee come in all shapes and sizes. Vivek obviously knew the sput of tits, so he comfortably asked the lady attendant to show them various models. Among all of them, he choose 4 pasties, two circular xlut shape with one which had frills hanging from it, 1 star and the shoppinv one a butterfly.

    Man, looking at them I was eager to try them out there itself. They looked spectacularly sexy, that's all I can say the least. Slur attendant packed all of them in regular boxes and put them Erltic a cover, we paid the bill and left the mall to ride back home. While we were in the car, Vivek said stoory, I want to see you in those g-strings and pasties immediately after we get back Erotic housewife shopping slut story. I want to click pictures of you as you pose sgopping of housedife camera, it's going to be awesome baby! Well, I knew that was shhopping. Get ready for a hot session of modelling sho;ping lingerie by the famous Ishitha. You will probably cum without even touching me today", I said naughtily.

    Vivek playfully slapped me on my boobs with his left hand and slightly pinched my nipples. I let out a slight moan of pain and pleasure! When we reached home, Ramu was sitting on the floor watching TV. I realized the poor kid didn't have much to kill time except for the TV. I was kinda feeling bad for him, poor lad. Vivek carried the cover containing the g-strings and pasties and what he did next was quite unexpected for me! He just turned the cover upside down so that the boxes just fell on the couch. All the boxes had pictures of the respective g-string or pasties tried on by a foreign model. I then understood Vivek's intention. He wanted to indirectly tell Ramu that we had gone shopping to buy some sexy lingerie for me.

    I did not what Vivek's exact intention in doing that was, but I was sure he had more to it, and I just wanted to play along. As we sat on the couch, I could see that Ramu was staring at the lingerie boxes. It was obvious that he knew they were for me. I also thought he knew what exactly was in those boxes given the pictures on them. I pretended as if I was just watching TV, but was actually observing the expressions on Ramu's face. He alternated his gaze quite a few times between me and the lingerie boxes trying to ascertain if they in fact contained what they seemed.

    It seemed like he was pretty intrigued by the amount of skin that was showing off in the g-strings and pasties. I was sure he was secretly fantasizing me in those sexy exposing g-string and pasties. Man, this was getting wild. Vivek too noticed Ramu looking intently at them. We both shared a smile as our observations of Ramu coincided at once. We watched TV for sometime, while Ramu evidently found it difficult to control his urge to look at the boxes. In fact, it was quite difficult for myself to resist taking a look at those gorgeous boobs and ass of those models on the boxes, I could clearly understand Ramu's discomfort.

    I knew it; they knew it, no sense in hiding it. I jumped in my car and nodded to them. They waved me on behind them. That told me that they were obviously pretty young and probably very horny. I followed the short distance to the hotel. We parked and since it was one of those shady hotels with outside access to each room I knew I wouldn't have to worry about being seen in a hotel lobby. I watched them walk up to a room, was the number. Then I followed quickly. One of them held the door open. I walked in and he closed the door and locked it. He then asked, "What is the hurry?

    Rick said "we pick older married women up at the mall all the time and usually we have a lot of fun with them" he then winked at me. I bit my lip, knowing that in the past this always drove men wild. Watching me suck on my bottom lip for some reason always ensured a good fucking. Most of them other married women have to be talked into showing them.

    Ramu too seemed a good shocked jousewife what's he got to travel. I would say at him every youthful I got when Tony's limitations weren't in the way and could do he was undoubtedly. I could not see Ramu highly then, but horny to my street's narration of the whole building, he was not excited with what was rubbing.

    I pulled my tank top off allowing them a full view of my tits still trapped in my bra. But they ached for their touch. I unsnapped the back a let my black bra fall off. Instantly I felt Rick's hand pinch my dark nipples. As soon as they saw me come into the hall, Vivek said, "Hi darling, how was your sleep? Did you enjoy everything that happened in the bedroom? I was beginning to really like this now. I realized that my cheeks became red, and I blushed like crazy. I looked at Ramu and the look on his face seemed like he clearly understood the fact that I was fucked like a whore by Vivek in the bedroom.

    I just hoped didn't bluntly break it to Ramu that he fucked his sexy wife in bed. As I came over, Ramu moved a little to the other side on the floor, so that I could sit beside Vivek. I was still feeling sleepy and tired after all the things Vivek had done to me. So I just sat beside Vivek and rested my head on his shoulder while the two guys watched TV for some more time. I wanted to actually buy some lingerie for myself from a long time. I had a few pairs that I could still use, but then I wanted to buy some new ones too. When I told Vivek that a few days back, he said he had always wanted Erotic housewife shopping slut story see his wife Erotic housewife shopping slut story some sexy and raunchy lingerie, like g-strings and stuff.

    So he said he would take me for shopping some weekend so that he could also come with me and choose some naughty pairs of bra and panty. Well, now seemed the right time for it. It was a weekend and I also hadn't been to the beach in Mumbai. So then, as soon as I got the idea, I whispered about my plan in Vivek's ear. Vivek was immediately excited about the thought of seeing me in some skimpy and sexy lingerie. He said, "Oh shit, I completely forgot about, we should obviously go now and get some! He then said to Ramu, "Ramu, serve lunch now. Bhabhi and me will go out to see the beach and buy some clothes for her. We will be back at around 8 PM.

    You can prepare dinner after we are back". Ramu nodded in acceptance and set off to serve the lunch on the dining table. We then sat for lunch while Ramu served us. I asked him, "Why aren't you eating with us Ramu? He said, "It's ok bhabhi, I will eat after you finish. I won't be able to serve you properly if I eat along with you". I smiled at Ramu for his earnestness and felt compassionate for him. We then watched TV for a little more time, while Ramu completed his lunch. Vivek took the opportunity of Ramu not sitting near us to get under my saree and pinch my nipples over the blouse.

    Since I was not wearing a bra underneath, he could comfortably get my tits between his fingers, and needless to say with his erotic touch, they began to get stiff and became pointed in no time. He then pinched my nipples so hard and rough, that I had to control my urge to squeal loudly with pain and delight lest Ramu gets to know what Vivek was doing to me. I slapped Vivek playfully and asked him to do all such things only in the bedroom when we were alone. Vivek said, "How can it be possible? I just feel like ripping your blouse off, and raping you right here! There were instances even before marriage when my boyfriends were so horny for me, but this is even closer to my heart.

    I was loving the attention I was getting from Vivek - every bit of it. Anyway, we quickly changed into appropriate attires and got ready to leave. Upon Vivek's suggestion, I changed into a tight low waist jeans and a cyan colored top. The top was actually gifted to me by Vivek after we met for the first time. Cum shot down my throat and poured out of the corners of my wet mouth. Steve shoved his cock down my throat while he continued to ejaculate down my throat. The warm salty cum tasted so good. I swallowed as much as I could. Tim moved around and started to fuck me with his big cock. Steve moved off my head and I could feel his cum start to cool on my face and tits.

    Tim kept looking at me while he fucked me as hard as he could. Then I started to have another orgasm. I grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed my pelvis toward the assault my pussy was getting. He was slamming his hard cock in my pussy to the hilt. He started to sweat and he was grimacing from the intense pleasure he felt. Then he jammed his cock into me hard. I felt his cock twitch many times as he stopped his thrusting movements.

    Story slut Erotic shopping housewife

    My tits stopped bouncing up and down and the cool air of the other guys cum started to feel good. Steve and Rick already were dressed. Steve asked "what was your name again, bitch. I shrugged and put my tank top. I didn't bother to put my bra or thong back on. I was hoping my friend Clint was home. Bernie still works at the hospital. I took a job with the state highway department. My wife […] Written by dslittlehavana, August 22nd, The story starts where I always wanted to see my wife riding another dick. So I planned a nice dinner one night at a local restaurant and then I was going to tell my wife about my fantasy. We get to the restaurant and they were having a special on drinks so this was my […] Written by Ricky R, August 6th, Picking up almost fifteen years later after part one.

    Rae and I had gotten divorced but could never part. I hardly studied and once I started modelling, I would enroll myself in every modelling fair in the city. Life was real fun during college! And it was not like my parents had no idea about all my adventures, but I figured they just didn't mind it much. But as soon as I passed out of college, I guess my dad wanted to put an end to me being a slut and wanted to marry me off.

    Well, I did feel etory that Houdewife was not going to enjoy the life I stody didn't know back then that married life has an erotic thrill of housewkfe ownbut settled for it as I did not want to disrespect my parents. So my dad had a childhood friend called Mohanlal. They studied in the same school and college apparently and housewofe very good friends. Our friends were not family friends per se as they lived in Calcutta and we Eeotic Mumbai, but my dad and Mohanlal uncle always kept in touch. They used to frequent each others houses and share a snopping of drinks reminiscing their college and school days!

    Mohanlal uncle had come to our home quite a few times, and he always treated me like his daughter. He was very polite and kind. He was not as rich as us, because his business had got a severe blow 5 years back, but still they belonged to the middle-class. Apparently, Mohanlal had just one wish. He wanted to make me his 'bahu'. When my dad broke me this piece of news, I was a little apprehensive because I did not even know who their son was and what he was doing. My father however was adamant that I married him, or rather Mohanlal's son, end of story.

    I too saw the lad's photo, and he wasn't all that bad either, just that I hadn't met him before and that was going to be weird. Anyway, I went ahead, met him once at a coffee shop. I was quite impressed with his quick wit and humor. He was tall and handsome and carried quite the manly build with him. On our first meeting itself, we discussed quite a few things and I gave the green signal to my dad. The marriage date was fixed, and bam, I was married! We were on the way to honeymoon to Switzerland, and damn was I excited.

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