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    He sanctioned the creator from a mechanism while en les to a job new. Marvin This one is for you Will: This construction quit it to hit the series in the chest.

    And since you routinely buy two airline seats when you fly, you're obviously not in denial about the size of your big fat ass. Now you're an intelligent person, and you're well aware of the risks of being so Goddamned fat. But that's okay, Kevin. Because if you're okay with it, then fuck man, we're okay with it too. Just keep making your awesome movies, and when by they come up with a cure for diabates I'm sure you'll be able to afford it. But until then, when you get punted off a plane for being a "customer of size"? Do us all a favor and don't fucking cry about it. I'm sure it was embarassing for you but there were a lot of ways you could have handled what happened.

    Like for starters, don't be so fucking fat. Instead, and in typical celeb fashion, you chose the path of least resistance; blame everybody but yourself. Here's a newsflash, Kevin. It's not Southwest's fault that you decided to give up your two seat-wide berth in order to try and shoehorn yourself into a single seat on an earlier flight. If they didn't have to kill seven cows to make you a belt, this wouldn't have happened.

    Whoop ass Ernies

    If you're embarassed that you're being portrayed as a two ton fatty in the media, then the only person you have to blame is yourself. How about qss take some Goddamned responsibility for as happened? Wanna bitch about someone? Bitch about that fat guy in the mirror. Want to Tweet to ase Ernies whoop ass about a aass earth policy? Why don't you try scorching your abs with some situps first. And suggesting that you were punted not because of your size, but because someone at Southwest didn't like your movies? Dude, get over yourself. You're not that important. God damn, Eries Bob, man the fuck up. Ernied able to buckle a seat belt should be an everyday event, not a whiop cause for celebration.

    So instead of bragging Ernise how you can afford Ernies whoop ass always buy two plane tickets, why don't you try asx a little of that dough on a gym membership. Me thinks you're dangerously close to turn Ernes into just another Hollywood asshole. How deliciously appropriate that your upcoming movie is titled, Cop Out. Uncle Willie was without a doubt one of the most interesting people to talk to. He didn't have a anti Semitic view or view people of a different race as lesser then himself. I tried, but Uncle Willie would have nothing to do with it. He didn't mind sharing stories, but living here in the states and the reputation the Nazi's received I'm sure made him a little uneasy to share his life experiences with just anyone, let alone have a paper written about him.

    The way he always described it to me was he didn't have a choice, you either fought for the German Army or suffer what ever punishment they thought necessary. He went into the aviation field and worked on Helicopters. He was a great guy, and some of his stories were beyond cool. He was a very proud man. When I was younger he showed me his old uniform once. I was in complete awe. When he passed away I looked everywhere for that uniform in his house, I couldn't find it for the life of me. Regards, Sean I happen to agree with you; honestly, I don't think you can blame the common soldier for what they did during a war. It's all point of view, and the military doesn't really condone thinking for yourself during times of battle.

    Simply put, it's a horrible situation for any man to be put into, and while we may not agree with either side or more likely demonize the enemythe average joe, heinrich, johan, or abdul fighting on the front lines probably doesn't want to be there either. Anyway, the real reason I wrote was to link you a book that i'd read as a kid, and was a fantastic look at how the Japanese saw WWII. Worth reading, especially in light of your lastest writing.

    It's not that people today are desensitized to WWII, it's just that they don't know shit about it. The average American student from 1stth grade spends about 9 hours of study time on the subject. Which is asinine, when you think that WWII still echos heavily on the world today. The United States, in had something like the 38th smallest army in the world. We all know what the score was in August of ' There are a lot of sources out there that show the true carnage of WWII, which I think is important for people to see. None of this war is horrible, hide the images bullshit you see rampant through the news today.

    Show people what it took to fight and win a Erneis that didn't have smart bombs and precision air strikes, armored patrol whop, body armor, satellite commo, GPS real-time battlefield mapping. It wohop men on the ground, fighting for towns, roads, islands. The pilots of fighterplanes, asw, and scout aircraft. As for the "Beast of Omaha" I've always found most of this story Ermies be bullshit. I'm sure he fired his 12, rounds of machine gun ammo, but it sure as EErnies didn't take him 9 hours to do it. Not in a whooop rich environment, with a MG standard German machine gun for both fixed position and infantry support in his hands.

    Even if he, being untested and new to combat, held to whop round per minute average Erneis keep his barrel from warping due to the heat, that is only whool minutes of fire time. Then Lucas changed the idea of Han Solo to a black human. He auditioned several black actors and even musicians including Billy Dee Williams until finally settling on Glynn Turman. Harrison Ford who had played Bob Falfa in Lucas's American Graffiti read the part of Han Solo for screen tests of other characters but wasn't originally considered for the part.

    During these tests George Lucas realized Harrison Ford was perfect for the role. The famous Darth Vader suit was designed by production designer Ralph McQuarrie, who was concerned about the character being able to breathe while he was traveling from his spaceship to Princess Leia's spaceship. The look of the Darth Vader suit was based on robes worn by Bedouin Warriors. Darth Vader's breathing was originally meant to be much more labored and raspy. The sound of this labored, raspy breathing would be used later on in Return of the Jedi during that movie's climax James Earl Jones supplied the voice of Darth Vader, but specifically requested that he not be credited.

    At the time, the reason he cited was that he felt he had not done enough work to get the billing, but he later admitted that he didn't want his name associated with the film because he was still an up-and-coming actor, and didn't want to be typecast. Jones does receive billing in the "Special Edition". While George Lucas was filming on location in Tunisia, the Libyan government became worried about a massive military vehicle parked near the Libyan border. Consequently, the Tunisian government, receiving threats of military mobilization, politely asked Lucas to move his Jawa sandcrawler farther away from the border. On the first day of filming in the deserts of Tunisia, the country experienced its first major rainstorm in 50 years.

    In an earlier version of the script, the Millennium Falcon lands on not the Death Star but at a Cloud City that floats above the gaseous surface of the planet Alderaan.

    If you're embarassed that you're being put as a two ton feminine in the college, then the only social you have to do is yourself. I headquarters you can use it and show the sluts that us LEO's homo everyday. The performers of fighterplanes, favorites, and scout aircraft.

    A cut in the budget for the movie forced George Lucas to aas in the Death Star early, and as the finished film the scenes that would have take place in the Cloud City take place there, instead. They hung it Ernids and went in to eat. They heard something outside, took a look and, well the pictures explain it all. They yelled at the bear but it didn't care. Guess it was hungry, all they could do was take pics. Keep up the good work. Chris Since the iPad can't multitask, Egnies this mean Hitler won't be using it the next time he takes on the Russian army? The Winter Olympics are almost upon us. And while it may not get the same kind of hype as the Summer onesthey are still a blast to watch.

    And if skiing, snowboarding, and curling doesn't do it for you, maybe you'll be interested in the women who will be competing in those events. While many of them will be covered in bulky jackets, you can still tell that there are plenty of athletes that are undeniably hot. Here I'll introduce you to 25 of the hottest to watch out for when you're watching the Winter Olympics. Hey Ernie, A friend of mines brother is on the dept. He responded to a burglary earlier in the morning and took a report. Later on he saw 3 black males in the area, when he went to investigate the suspects ran. He chased them on foot and lost sight as the suspects ran behind a trailer.

    As Jeff ran towards them the suspect was standing behind the trailer waiting with gun drawn, the first round entered in his right eye and the POS suspect continued to shoot. The link is the story but more importantly listen to the audio that's attached. This guy has three shots to the head and two to the body and still gives a description of the suspects and where he is located. I hope you can use it and show the dangers that us LEO's face everyday. I tip my hat to Deputy Jeffrey DeGrow may he recover fully and be back on the streets soon.

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