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    From the time she was in JK until last June she has struggled in school and even became fearful of going she was absent more than she attended. Since the first day she started at Oak Learners, she has been incredibly positive about attending school. We are blown away by the change in her! Her teachers understand and adjust to her unique learning needs and they know how to engage her so she loves the process of learning.

    We are so thankful for our daughter to be having such a wonderful experience at Oak Learners! Recnontre the Gap Oak Learners SSite a safe and inclusive learning environment for primary school children. Alternative education with an holstic approach, each child is celebrated as an individual and encouraged to push boundaries and challenge norms, social awareness and daily forages into the community assist in the development of young minds preparing them to grab the bull by the horns and become active members in their community. Kudos Oak Learners, Toronto needs more schools like you!

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