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    I did do some research and found that not many other reviewers had reviewed CAM4, and there were a couple of disparaging forum and online comments about the site.

    You're also able to filter by russet. Elaborate I hatched me with my mom at least a side?.

    Each to his own, and I found no hassle with it and got on really well. Models A quick count of who is available showed me the following: A set of handy filters lets you find models from all over the place. The list I was looking at had defaulted to 'English', but these guys and girls weren't just from England. I guess that meant they read and write in English. I tried other languages but didn't find anyone who spoke Greek, for example, so you may not always strike lucky, but then it depends on who is online and when. You're also able to filter by ethnicity. Technical things You find a page of models, and there are 60 sample shots per index page. These give you the models name and a country flag and also their orientation.

    Then you click through to their viewing page and find a decent sized screen which runs the live cam. I wasn't sure if these really were what was happening now or short recordings. You have a profile for each model, and on the right, you can see the line of chat and comments that's going on so you can see if you are alone or not. Are you interested in sex with multiple partners? Perhaps with the right partner I could explore it more. What other types of sex are you interested in? What other types of sex are there?

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