• Stumbling drunk sluts

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    The Novelty Slut Song

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    Sluts Stumbling drunk

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    Slut-Shaming and Victim Blaming: It was one of my oldest friends from high school, informing deunk of some salacious small-town gossip. The person she sent it to forwarded it to someone else. That someone else passed it along to another. Eventually, my dear old friend was showed that video at a party. I was showed it last night. This young woman sent an intimate video of herself to someone and now it has spread like wildfire. We graduated from high school four years ago, people! We just graduated from college!

    Owing regrettable course girl antics HERE. Garter back then, she was telling shamed.

    But actually enjoying that sex? Or having sex for some reason other than procreation? We got a slut on our hands. Now, when I was in high school, the young woman in the video was often talked about. Even back then, she was slut shamed. It was gossip and it was good. We were doing it with boyfriends! We were in love!

    It was private and beautiful and positively orgasmic! She was running around all willy nilly, having sex left and right with random boys like she actually had autonomy over her own sexuality. The nerve of some people. I learned about slut shaming. And, perhaps more importantly, I learned about victim blaming. I learned about rape culture the hard way — my sophomore year of college, I was raped after a night of partying.

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