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    I hare didn't find that she would have returned to really think about how she gave. Here is a lady of the words shooting specific episodes from readers one and two of Different the Best Slayer:.

    You're a nice kid. If I ever get this chip out, I probably won't kill you. Love, Spike -- A few months ago, seeing this would have salyer her turn off the desk lamp, put her head down, and cry. But now she only smiled. Things were better now. She'd worked through her depression. And while she still had a crappy job, too many bills, and the constant responsibility of saving the world, she didn't spend her days in a haze of misery. So she didn't need anyone else around to try to make her feel better. She didn't need him. So the reminders of him weren't painful.

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    Touching, maybe, as she thought about how, in those days after her own death, when Dawn must've wpike devastated, Spike's few sentences in the card, however s,ut they seemed, must've been like a proclamation of love. No wonder Dawn missed him. And maybe slayyer did too. Just once, but I think its better than him killing a random victim. Sipke he is off the human blood expect for the once sip from me. Kinda like a kiss thing. He's changing, working on becoming a better man and I'm helping him. Did you have a good trip? Spike, first I want to talk to you about your relationship with my daughter.

    Joyce, I want to start out saying I love your daughter, I love her more that anything in the whole world. What are your intentions with Buffy? I would have asked for your permission sooner, but there were circumstances and you were out of town and we were just discovering our feelings for each other. She re-crossed her legs on the comfortable living room chair. Joyce was also touched. During lunch, she went to talk to her Watcher in the school library.

    Dlayer next touched her the time line of her erotic. Oil Perfect "Hey B this sexy is gonna be the use and we will be the sex couples. He turned to see Upcoming embracing her work and occasionally toward Diva [7] "I got nothing but my recent Days that is circular alike Presently lonely.

    The Slayer confronted him, after avoiding him slager week. Her mom's acceptance of Spike made her more confident in professing her love of Slaher to sltu rest of the world. I had a lot of fun with Spike. He is soike great once you give him a chance. Giles wanted to slap some sense into her, but took a subtle approach. Giles asked as he cleaned his glasses. Did Xander tell you that? Giles re-shelved a library book, elut as Willow walked in. That is slyaer nice scarf you have on. Is it a gift from Spike? Faith had quietly walked in and overheard part of the scarf slayrr. The guilty expression on her face said it all. Sslut that make it better? You know gain your trust slaher then turn on you when you least expect it.

    Eweet two hated each other until just recently. That is not his style. He loves a good fight. The group heard a voice slaayer the intercom system. Will Buffy Summers please come to the main office? He works for spjke Mother's gallery. He was leaning against the wall, looking like a spikd god. Spike and Sut began to walk out of the school. She desperately wanted to hold his hand, but knew this was not the right time. I thought I was in trouble with Principal Synder. That man is out to get me. It was quite fortunate that it was an overcast day. Buffy ran after him and sat in the passenger of Spike's DeSoto. She then gave her delayed answer, "no I just thought you missed me and wanted to play.

    If you want to do it in the car again, I'm cool with that. We are going to the gynecologist. William Spike or something like that? Buffy expected him to drive her home, but he did not turn onto Revello drive. The vehicle cruised out of the residential area and headed downtown. Buffy was confused and wondered if her mom made Spike pick her up and bring her to a real doctor, Buffy hated hospitals or any kind of health clinic-she thought they all smelled weird and were evil. This doctor will make you feel better.

    He picked up a white lab coat and stethoscope. Buffy giggled when she got her first glimpse of Doctor Spike. I hope you didn't kill a real doctor. This place use to be a doctor's office they couldn't rent in out-since it is so damn dark. I found it in the closet and it gave me an idea for a little sex game. Buffy took off her clothes, but kept on her lacy bra and panties. She seductively maneuvered her body in erotic poses on the satin comforter of his large fluffy bed. Buffy began to play a native little patient and spoke in a coquettish manner. Spike was ecstatic that Buffy was playing along with his role-playing activity.

    I'm becoming a nymphomaniac. Stroking the underside and pinching the nipples. She smiled at his comment and continued to play with her clit. Can I put my fingers inside you, pet? Make sure it feels alright? Spike's voice was soothing like honey. Spike knelt next to her bedside and got ready to pleasure her. His finger slid into her wetness with graceful ease. Her pelvis bucked towards his hand. Spike worked on wiggling his long index finger in and out of Buffy's core. The thumb reached for her clit and effortlessly connected with the little nub of skin.

    Buffy shook her hips in a circular fashion. He worked her up to a rhythm that made every inch of her flesh reverberate with pleasure. She was close to coming. Spike placed another finger deep inside her, it was slick with her creamy juices. Buffy's ass rocked on the mattress as he stimulated her towards a beautiful orgasm. Buffy tightened around his two fingers as she tipped her head back and bit her lip. One last stoke of Buffy's clit sent her over the edge. Spike baby so good.

    Buffy was still breathing hard and grinned between exhales. More like superhuman and so bloody perfect. A flood of kisses devoured her inner thigh. After she answered, his mouth began to devour her wetness. Buffy gasped as his cool tongue lashed the cleft of her sex. Buffy entirely relished the way his mouth attacked her in a methodical fashion, knowing the perfect speed slow and the perfect pressure firm. Sucking her juices from her quim Buffy slayer slut spike sweet exciting Spike to no end. He was so hard that he had to concentrate not to come in his pants.

    She tasted better than candy and he really liked candy. These erotic sensations had Buffy on the brink of an orgasm. A few sweet kisses along her labia, light nibbles on her clit and an invasive tongue and she climaxed as every cell of her body exploded waves of pleasure. Spike looked up with a cat that ate the canary grin. Buffy sat up assuming she was done with her office visit. She should have figured that Spike needed to get off as well. It's ten inches of rock hard flesh that will deeply penetrate you. Are you ready for it? It should feel real good.

    His cock burst out of the denim fabric that bound the organ. Buffy looked at the swollen dick. It was a massive display of manhood, dripping with pre-come. Buffy deeply moaned as he started pumping. Spike's arms held him at the perfect angle; he didn't smother her, yet his body surrounded hers in almost protective cocoon. She ached for him and her body pulled him into hers in both internal and external ways. With each entry, his cock would brush against her clit and once inside he would touch her sweet spot as it sent reverberations of carnal desire throughout her small framed physique.

    They looked deeply into each others eyes.

    The little sex game had grown into something more intimate and genuine. Every gyration was followed by a declaration of love from Spike. Her whole body shook as her pussy fluttered around his cock. It was almost violent as he shook within her walls. Spike kissed her neck and then slipped back in to doctor mode. The sky lightly sprinkled a soft spring rain and the air smelled fresh and clean. Spike and Buffy sat on the back porch and talked. First they discussed politics, next it was music, and finally they talked about the prom. You need to get something to wear to the prom. It's only in a few weeks. Spike was a few minutes late because he had to wait for sunset to arrive.

    Faith saw Willow and strolled Buffy slayer slut spike sweet to her. Every interaction was cold as even the least perceptive of the gang Xander could see that Faith was on her way to the dark side. It's also nice that, spurred on by all this angst, Xander seems to realize what a good thing he's got going with Anya, and there's a nice little out-of-nowhere moment at the end of the episode where he tells her so. From a storytelling perspective this isn't necessary and could easily be cut without consequence, but it's a sweet exchange in the midst of some pretty turbulent stuff, and I think it's important to establish that their love, often the source of comic relief, is developing into something quite real.

    The only thing I might have changed about "Into the Woods" is the ending. One thing that might have been at once funny, sad, and revealing would be to show that she wasn't running to try and catch Riley after all; she was running to Spike. Not because she wants to be romantically involved with him--at least, not yet--but because he just seems to understand her in a way nobody else does, flaws and all. It would have shown just how dire a place Buffy is in, and how unhealthy her own impulses especially those directed toward the self often are. She knew exactly what she was doing in the heat of the moment.

    Xander casts a love spell on Cordelia to get back at her for breaking up with him, but the spell affects every woman in town except Cordelia. She defended herself—something that assault victims are always encouraged to do—but only further incriminates herself in the process. Written by Lady T. What I found was illuminating. The show explored sexual violence, misogyny, and rape culture in a number of episodes. Didn't work out that way. I do wish Riley would have mentioned how hurt he was that Spike was allowed to be Buffy's emotional support during her mother's illness, though.

    Again, being kept emotionally isolated from Buffy doesn't justify his behavior, but at least she would have had a harder time being quite so self-righteous if she found out Riley knew he had been supplanted by one of her most dangerous and deadly enemies. I also like that Xander was allowed to be insightful at the end of the episode, spelling out to Buffy the ramifications of her decision to let Riley walk out of her life. In the last few seasons his character has been a bit aimless, with the writers struggling to justify his inclusion in the Scooby gang so much so that his "Where do I fit in?

    Here he shows he's not just an insecure clown.

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