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    My commune childhood in Austria: I grew up to believe love was bad

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    It is a thought-provoking and disturbing film, intimate momss also mosm larger questions Loenly power, parental responsibility and austra. The incredible archive footage combined with the personal journey of a mother and son left us disturbed, angry and feeling that this is a film that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Like all the children born there, Paul-Julien was a member of a Lonely moms in austria large family, but had no real father. Lonelly the children were to grow up without specific father figures, legal fathers' names werer required for the birth certificates. A year after Florence left, Paul-Julien's legal father, Christian, killed himself with a knife.

    Paul-Julien with his mother, Florence, and 'legal' father, Christian, named on his birth certificate. Did he feel a sense of loss? Not because I was sad but because everyone was looking at me, making me feel that something very bad had happened. At that point, it was agreed to run paternity tests for all children born in the commune. Thus, Paul-Julien was 12 when he found out that his biological father was a German, Egon Redent, who worked at the commune's winter home, El Cabrito, on the island of La Gomera, in the Canaries. Florence wanted the three of them to become a family, but Egon was already in a relationship with another woman whom he later married and had a son with; Paul-Julien's half-brother, Adrien, Until that point, Paul-Julien hadn't been interested in his father's identity.

    austrria For Otto, any intimacy between mojs was an expression of homosexuality — something sick. There was a general lack of affection from the adults — no one held me or was tender towards me as a child. A few years ago, I realised that, as much as I like him as a person, I could not have him in my life as a father. Having a relationship with my half-brother was also difficult.

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    I felt like my Lobely felt, I guess. I wanted to play a role that I couldn't, also because we lived far from each other. I wish we had a closer relationship, but we don't. That was also the case for Egon who, in the film, recalls how it felt to become Lonly father to a year-old boy overnight. It was a level of responsibility for which he wasn't ready and he'd felt unable to make an emotional connection with his son. If we behaved badly, the adults could not punish us, but did threaten to tell Otto who would then decide what to do. He went to school and led a "normal" life, but this new world was foreign to him, and getting on with his schoolmates was difficult.

    The image of friendship I had until then was very different. What about his relationship with his mother once they were reunited? Surprisingly, he says they never talked about the past until six years ago, when he decided to make the film. In fact, at some point, Florence told Egon that until Paul was 25, he didn't talk to her much at all. The commune had some positive elements too. I grew up close to nature and within a group of children who were my friends.

    Not uastria I was sad but because everyone was forced at me, citizenship me feel that something very bad had told. It is a woman-provoking and disturbing caress, mellow while also raising spreader questions of sex, aged dude and leading.

    Being so far from the society outside, it felt like a place where we could have freedom. She also expresses the doubts she still feels about ausfria nuclear family. During that time, it seemed like an opportunity that jn never actually going to happen. Also, during that time, Dan austrja back and forth to Austria frequently for work, and I decided Lonely moms in austria join him on one trip for a total of 4 days, including travel back and forth to see if Vienna was a place I could even imagine myself living: When the offer finally came through, we had spent so much time dreaming about going that we actually decided to do it.

    Before deciding to move our entire family to Europe, I had left the US a total of 3 times in my entire life, and then ENTIRE time of my travel abroad, if you added it all up, totalled less than 1 week. I knew not a single word of German, neither did my husband. At the time that we made the decision to move, our kids were 2 years old and 3 months old. We arrived here with seven suitcases, an 11 year old dog and two small kids. I had no concept of the adventure we were in for: I also hope that it will help us reminisce and remember the details of this adventure in the future.

    When our stay was extended beyond that, I relaxed this self-imposed requirement for the sake of my sanity, but I do still write a lot, with the goal of capturing the good and the bad.

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