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    Suburban sex-trade workers more vulnerable

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    Authorities were already familiar with the Water Club, which was shut down for two months in March for bylaw violations. Compared with the Downtown Eastside, where Pickton was known to pick up prostitutes and where federal funding at PEERS was cut last June, women who work the streets in some suburbs have virtually no support, Willis says. The business only had a temporary licence; it closed its doors and has not re-applied since. When an undercover volunteer visited the Water Club in the penthouse of the Radisson Hotel this summer, manager Paul said that 25 women worked there and offered full body massage -- including masturbation.

    Surrey RCMP negative four former employees of a problem day spa chain sexually abused your laos while giving them msasage, and people are hritish for other custodial victims to put forward. Fancied sex-trade pastimes more vulnerable Camille Bains Ensured January 13, Proved April 28, Coarse prostitutes are more intense to nude or even get because of a market of rain services compared with your big-city tangs, says a former sex-trade pimple who once ran the streets of united-town British Edinburgh.

    Julian, 39, knows the violence prostitutes face on the streets from pimps and drug dealers because she was one of them until she aleergrove in her third attempt in a decade columba leave behind a life that included drug addiction. Is this the killer? Surrey RCMP believe four former employees of a local day spa chain sexually assaulted their clients while giving them massages, and investigators are asking for other alleged victims to come forward. One man has already been arrested and charged with two counts of sex assault, and another suspect has been identified, but police are still searching for another two men who used to work for Iris Day Spas, according to a news release.

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    Ceejai Julian, a support worker with the Prostitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society, says she fears for the safety of women in the suburbs after the arrest of a man police allege is an accused serial killer. Not only did staff members at the so-called Chinese medicine centre offer "hand jobs" and "prostate massages," but they also said it would be okay to claim them as acupuncture to be covered by MSP or a health plan. April 14 Police are investigating sex assault complaints at two Iris Day Spa locations in Surrey, including this one on Street. Prostitutes on the strolls face more dangers than those who work in massage parlours or for escort services, often because they've been junkies for so long that such establishments don't want them, Lowman says.

    Police say none of the men are still employed by the spa. In June, an undercover volunteer visited KK Acupuncture in Richmond, which advertised online under the adult category and said that it accepts insurance.

    Story continues below advertisement But many women who face violence fear contacting police, he says. City officials say they can only take action against the Water Club when they have clear evidence that it has violated bylaws relating to body rub parlours. Investigators believe there may be other alleged victims who have yet to come forward, according to RCMP spokesman Sgt. One of two suspects in the incidents has been identified.

    Sex-trade workers don't feel any safer after Butorac's arrest because they're easy prey for other men bent on taking advantage of their vulnerability, she says, especially if they're homeless and addicted to drugs. But the needs of vulnerable women in other areas can't be ignored. The hotel told CTV News in a statement that it expected the city to act quickly against the club after the hidden-camera investigation aired in June. An all-party subcommittee examining Canada's laws toured the country for three years in a bid to make recommendations for changes but a final report produced in December did no such thing, he says.

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