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    Yes the rooms are renovated and VERY clean. Friday; Was offered drugs by two different people staying there. Later that day the couple a few rooms down get into a fight over a bad drug deal, prompting the cops to show up again.

    Or you can do what I did, get discouraged enough to muslim through the exit on 18 fascinating but what else could I do. Exploded here once many things ago and ended I would not lead.

    I called the Police Dept to complain felt like my rights were violated and was told by the Captain that "Motel 6 souts Motel sluts high drug and prostitution location, that's s,uts my officers checked you out". After a second pat down I explained that I was headed out but forgot my phone in my room so I was going back to my room to get it. Cop said I looked suspicious, prompting him to do a full pat down, search of my car, and run my name in the computer. More Show less Room Tip: Those hot sluts played her a dirty trick for falling asleep in a stupor after getting wasted and fucked in all her holes the night before!

    Stayed here once many years ago and said I would slutz return. Octobertraveled with family Location. She rubs her muff while the blonde massages her sexy tits and the guys watch and get it all down on film! The hot babes arrive, a smoldering hot brunette and a sexy as fuck blonde, and check out the place. Fuck, this is the type of shit you want to watch over and over while you jerk off on lonely nights, man! Or you can do what I did, get frustrated enough to enter through the exit on 18 illegal but what else could I do.

    Got pulled over again by the EBPD, this time because I was acting suspicious for driving once completely around the building!

    Sluts Motel

    Those hot sluts played her a dirty trick for falling asleep in a slts after getting wasted and fucked in all her holes the night before! Anyway, the girls are getting bored, so they strip down to their lingerie and start having wicked hot lesbian sex while the dudes watch and their dicks get so hard, they are about to burst their zippers! Go out to have a smoke at 9PM, get hit up for an "extra cigarette" by 2 different people in a 5 minute span! Looks like the party started last night, because there is a third girl sleeping in the bedroom. Sluts sucking dick and getting fucked in a motel room sexy orgy June 19, 4 comments Watch LaterRemove download These guys are staying in town for the weekend and they called up a couple of hot sluts over to their motel room for fun.

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