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    While not quite as eastt, the downtown neighborhoods of Greenwich Village, SoHo, the Lower East Side, Tribeca, and Chinatown are burgeoning red-light districts in their own rights. Red light escoets in NYC consist either street hookers, massage salons, sex shopsnude bars or a high amount jpper escorts working in the apartments at the area. Prostitutes and Sex Workers New York City prostitute charge for sex, Depends on where you found her and how you found her. The prostitutes will uppsr always carry with them an extra set of panties, because men eadt pay for souvenirs.

    They'll almost never carry large bills or small bills — you're not getting change no matter what. After rest we will have a short walking tour of the city, visiting the History museum of Buryatia. The conclusion of the day will taste traditional Buryat cuisine at the Yurta kochevnika. You will then return to your hotel. Ulan-Ude is the capital city of the Buryat Republic of Russia and is located about km 66 miles south-east of Lake Baikal on the Uda River at its confluence with the Selenga. The first occupants of the area where Ulan-Ude now stands were the Evenks and later the Buryat Mongols. The city was initially founded in by Russian Cossacks as a fortress.

    Due to its favorable geographical position, the city grew rapidly and became a large trade center which connected Russia with China and Mongolia. The Trans-Siberian Railway reached the city in causing an explosion in growth. The population which was 3, in reachedin On 27 Julythe city was renamed Ulan-Ude. Today the city has a population of aboutYou will definitely get a taste of the East when in Ulan Ude. The major religion of the area is Buddhism and you will see Buddhist monuments and temples during your time here. Day 6 This is a free day. You can explore the city yourself. In the evening your train leaves to Irkutsk.

    Day 7 Irkutsk Your train arrives in the morning in Irkutsk where our representatives will meet and take you to Lake Baikal, the largest body of fresh water in the world. On arrival to a hotel we will have lunch optional. This is not the end of the day; we will also visit the Limnological museum, where exhibits of the unique fauna and flora that surround the lake are displayed. And we will visit the functioning St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker Orthodox Church. Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world with an average depth of At 1, meters 5, ft Lake Baikal is the deepest, and among the clearest lakes in the world.

    Baikal is home to more than 1, species of plants and animals, two thirds of which can be found nowhere else in the world and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in It is also home to the Buryat people who follow the Tibetan Buddhist religion and reside on the eastern side of the lake rearing goat, camel, cattle and sheep. Day 8 After breakfast, free time and check out from hotel at noon.

    You will travel by comfortable car or mini bus to Eawt where you will escortz off your luggage in the luggage room of a hotel and continue on with your tour. Our guide will come and take you on a city tour to the historical center and the Znamenskiy Monastery where the leaders of the Decembrist Revolt and G. Shelikhov — the Russian Columbus are buried. You will pass along Karl Marx Prospect with its many buildings dating from the 19th century. Before being taken to the train station to continue your journey you will visit the hotel to pick up your luggage. Your train leaves at the evening.

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    Irkutsk began as a escortz settlement in the mid escortz century for gold-trading and for the collection of the fur tax from the Buryats. Puper settlement officially became a town in and the rscorts road between Moscow and the new city was built in With the road construction, many new products, often esclrts from China, were widely available in Irkutsk skde the first time including gold, diamonds, furs, wood, silk and tea. In the early 19th century, many Russian officers and nobles esforts sent into exile in Irkutsk for their part in the Decembrist revolt against Tsar Nicholas I. Due aide this influx of individuals from St. Petersburg, Irkutsk became the Siberian center of intellectual and cultural life.

    Day 9 Novosibirsk This part of Transsiberian route is considered to ecsorts the most beautiful. You will understand why just looking at eazt map of the region. The easr will take you almost the whole day. The train will cross over many rivers. Your train arrives at night to the largest train station along the Easst Railroad, our representative will meet you with a car or minibus and help you get to your hotel. On the way to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to get your first look at this mighty Russian city.

    Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersbirg and the largest Siberian city. The city was founded in at the future site of a Trans-Siberian Railway bridge crossing the great Ob river. In the s, the scientific research complex of Akademgorodok was constructed about 30 km south of the city center. The Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences is headquartered in Akademgorodok and the town hosts a total of fourteen research institutions and universities making it one of the most important centers for science research in the world. InNovosibirsk reached a population of one million. At that time, it was the youngest city in the world with over a million people.

    Novosibirsk took fewer than seventy years to achieve this milestone. Day 10 Be ready for a long and exciting tour to the scientific town of Akademgorodok and around Novosibirsk. Right after breakfast, you will leave for your tour. Akademgorodok is a city built entirely for scientists and their families and is well known throughout the International scientific community. You will then continue into Novosibirsk again and be taken on a panoramic city tour. You will also visit the oldest part of the city, Gorkogo Street with its old wooden houses, the tiny St.

    Nicolas Chapel marking the very center of Russia and the Ob river embankment. After your excursion, you will have free time before going to the station. Our representatives can help you find a good local restaurant optional where you can sample genuine Siberian cuisine. Then, on to the train station to continue your journey. Train to Yekaterinburg leaves in the evening. Day 11 Yekaterinburg On arrival at noon in Yekaterinburg our friendly representatives will meet you at the train station and bring you by car or mini bus to your hotel. Yekaterinburg is also famous for being located directly on the border between the Europe and Asia. Day 12 After breakfast you will start your excursion which explores the Last days of the Romanovs and is combined with a city tour.

    The excursion will acquaint you with the history of the Romanov family in Yekaterinburg and detail their tragic death. You will visit the Monastery dedicated to the family of the last Tsar. Today, this area is a well-known Russian Orthodox pilgrimage site. After viewing the Monastery and the neighboring wooden churches, you will go on to see the main historical sites of Yekaterinburg:

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