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    From this funny name: Ladies and Gentlemen what sense does it make to you for aSf name to continue after the unfortunate division our beloved Sudan; which used to be the most seekingg in term of ethnic seeknig and the largest country in Africa in term of land. SPLM clique has betrayed them by accepting the seaparation over the Unity of Sudan that the militia used to claim to be fighting for that is very clear to everyone including SPLM itself. SPLM syndicate should also let North Sudanese to reconcile their differences and move on toward building their nation. North Sudan should ban SPLM party from operating in North because its present there after July the 9 will be irrelevant and illegal as well for the reasons mentioned above.

    Now SPLA militia must be wise enough to withdraw its troops southward before it causes another embarrassing defeat to itself that may even result to the complete destruction of the militia by SAF.

    Wek Supporter of north, the unfortunate division as you called it is indeed unfortunate for you Northerners due to your selfishness and your dying to be an Arab and Islamic nation but for us Southerners who are sick and tired of your selfishness, we say YES vor our Independence that our people voted for overwhelmingly. You Northerners are dying to do something in hope to reverse what our people fought for, for years and latter voted for but your kicking legs of a dying bull will come to a kn stops after our Wwekend July 9th and I assure you northern criminal Al Qaeda seeikng will have NO balls to provoke Southern armies past July 9th for they know they would be hit on the heads hard.

    History knows who they are and history knows where oppressors came from. Time will come when the land will go to the rigthful ours. We will be stepping backward to any step they took against us in order to achieve our goal. We will not tolerate their stupidity, we will raise our flag by any means. We will reclaim all the places they took currently after the raise of our National Flag. Where bending down facing the enemy or turning its ass to it. What you really needs to do just be ready for war, advice our armies to put their extra effort to fight if they can afford or if they know how to fight this is only solution.

    Also to remind you that the worse part of humaliation is still on the way coming and the first sign of it, is the warning we have received thus far that we have to withdraw our forces from South of Blue Nile and South Kordofan before 1st of june however the Northern army had already know how esay to occupied our territory or how to defeat us because we use to act without taking any responisbility for our action that is what happened in Abyei and if it is so and then Iam more concerns for safety of Southerners. The man could not judge him self for his action and does not admitted whatevee he have done. The taking over of the Abyei by Norhtern armies by force is totally embarrassing to the SPLA, Iam really very discontent for such a move.

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