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    You will be ready for this tour if you have ridden at least kilometers in the year of the tour.

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    You Cyclung feel comfortable indeoendent the saddle for 3 to 4 hours a day and for at least an hour at a time. However, you should definitely be a proficient cyclist: Although relatively flat, there are Cyclinng small, but long grades and so you should also be prepared to do a bit of climbing. Nothing too serious, but you should incorporate hills into your training. You should plan on having at least 1, tough kilometers under your belt by the time you begin the tour and feel comfortable on the saddle for 6 hours a day and for at least 90 minutes at a time. You should be athletic and feel very comfortable on a bicycle. Riders should be prepared for some short, but steep climbs throughout the day.

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    You should also definitely try to incorporate some multi-day rides into your training so that your legs know what 7 days of biking feels like. We designed the Jura Tour for our past riders who wanted something even more intense than the Challenge Tour. That said, anyone who would like to do the tour should be in excellent shape and ready for lots of climbing. Unlike the other two itineraries, there is no convenient train transport to get you up and over the humps. If doing the guided version of this tour, there is the support vehicle in case of emergency.

    However, it is NOT meant to be a sag-wagon for weary riders on this tour. Riders who are fit and ready Cyclinb have an incredible extraz cycling through some of the most pristine countryside in all of Europe. Indeependent designed this tour for riders extrxs like to climb. Anyone doing the tour should be in excellent shape and ready for lots of climbing. In all too many cases, you make less on a per-hour basis as a bike shop owner than the manager of the burger joint next door. But at least you work a lot more hours. To understand why, we need to look at some hard data.

    Let me repeat that: So for practical purposes, bike shops—whose main business, after all, is selling bikes—have never turned a profit selling bikes. Bike shop sales nationwide have been more or less flat since more about that another timeeven though the number of units sold has gone down as mass market stores nibble away at the less expensive price points. With bupkis to show for it. Sure, some shops are doing better than others.

    Simply browse our range of bikes, accessories and clothing and decide on a package that suits you. If you're purchasing an electric bike, then we work with a specialist e-bike Cycle to Work provider, who can process applications with a higher spending limit. See our FAQ section below for more details. Your Cycle to Work allowance can be used against a bike, accessories, or a combination of the two. Accessories such as a cycle helmet and hi-vis clothing would be a sensible choice, while a pannier rack or basket will make taking your packed lunch to work a doddle. Get a quote Can I reserve my chosen items?

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