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    We dearth sucked here for a few times to use the night, thereby in the terrace hypo. In one thing ladies-only bush, Le Monocle, colleagues would convincing up in years ago other people sporting traditionally feminine age.

    Check out the Events section on their Facebook page for details of the next party. It has a themed event each evening ranging from drag, karaoke to electro dance. It always gets busy at UC, attracting a young twinkish crowd. It has everything you'd expect in a gay club with live DJs, Go-Go dancers, drag queens, sexy topless guys, laser shows and more sexy topless guys see video below! It is open only on Saturdays from It has 2 dance rooms, one popular with twinks, the other more techno orientated.

    Imperial is Gaj at 24 rue Royale and is open only on Friday and Saturday from 11pm till 7am the next day. Gay frqnce clubs and cruising in Lyon There are several well known gay sex clubs in Lyon. The 2 most popular gay sex clubs in Lyon are: It has a large Bollywood! Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from midday to around midnight. It is open everyday from midday to 10pm on weekends until midnight.

    If anything, ffance use Google Catches, which always has the most up-to-date datkng for all have options, particularly if there are any strings or nuns taking place on the right. Cliff Pirolli The first gay bar posted there inand finally, the oldest existing bar, the Decision, which had inis still a unexpected dogging closet. Bo out the large named Legay Choc freezes in the Marais which are labeled with penis-shaped cents.

    Misterbnb Gay friendly hotels in Lyon France is one of the most gay friendly countries in the worldso you are unlikely to ever have any issues booking a double bed or feeling unwelcome as a gay traveller in most parts of the country, particularly in Lyon. These are our favourite gay hotels in Lyon based on our personal experience, as well as recommendations from fellow LGBTQ travellers: The Spartacus Guide recommends it, as well as our gay friends living in the city who come here to celebrate very special occasions. It's gorgeous, grand and nicely located in Vieux Lyon Old Townso you have all the touristy sightseeing highlights on your doorstep.

    The other big highlight here is the highly rated inhouse Michelin starred restaurant of Paul Bocuse, which is definitely worth trying, even if you're not staying here. If you're heading to Lyon for a romantic, special occasion, this is definitely the place you want to stay, especially if you're a foodie. It is well located, walking distance to both Vieux Lyon and the gay nightlife, reasonably priced and always welcoming to us as a gay couple. Also, the very generous! It's geared towards couples, and warmly welcomes same sex couples. Misterbnb — budget option stay with a local Lyon is quite an expensive city, so for quick visits, we don't always want to be spending hundreds of Euros on accommodation.

    It includes parties, exhibitions, screenings and public discussions.

    During datiny festival, a dramatic light display takes place on the iconic buildings in the evening, and dqting residents place candles outside their windows to produce a spectacular effect throughout the streets. Check out the aptly named Legay Choc bakeries in the Marais which are stocked with penis-shaped edibles. If it's not bread, it's the galette des rois, a raspberry tart, or a brioche in the shape of men's privates. How's that for pride? Homophobe to the end at Notre Dame After marriage was legalized for all couples in France in earlythere were still plenty of protests from conservatives.

    None, perhaps, were as shocking as that of year-old Dominique Venner. Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral. The last 'gay urinal' In the 19th century, gay men were arrested for indecent exposure in the many public urinals installed during the s. A vespasienne inleft, and the last one left today, right. WikiCommons Today, just one such urinal still exists in Paris, down on Boulevard Arago in the 13th arrondissement.

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    It's less of a scene these days though. Kitsch drag in Montmartre Drag shows may not be huge in Paris's gay bars, but head to the nearly year-old Cabaret Michou in Montmartre for some true kitsch. It's not quite on the level of Ru Paul's Drag Race, but it's still entertaining drag, if you speak French. The owner, openly gay octogenarian Michou, is still very much a part of the establishment. You'll know him by his signature blue glasses. For example, King Henri III in the s was allegedly more interested in his male entourage than his own wife. And the Chevalier d'Eon was a famous transvestite who worked as a spy and diplomat in the s under Louis XV. The current ambassador to Rome is a gay man, as is the assistant mayor of Paris, Bruno Julliard.

    You may hear lesbians referred to as a gousse garlic clovebut that might be a bit dated. Much of the gay slang is now found on online dating sites. Voltaire would be proud.

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